All About The East Hill Yard

Pensacola has been home to the owners of The East Hill Yard, Josh Flores and Harry Gibson, for quite some time.  In their journey together through other business endeavors these two chaps have always had in mind to create something unique to the East Hill Neighborhood.
In July, 2012 the space that used to house restaurants such as Madison’s and Streganona’s was leased by Josh and Harry to construct “The Y@rd”

“It’s been really fun” says Josh Flores as he works diligently to come up with more content to fill this About Us page.  “Our favorite part was removing the 20 year old indoor/outdoor carpet that was matted into the Terrazzo floors.”

“Really”, Harry Gibson responds. “I had the most fun removing 3,500 square feet of turf so we could re-sod the outdoor area with new Bermuda grass”

The East Hill Yard Logo

All in all, the boys are grateful to be in the historic Sacred Heart building that has been a staple in Pensacola since its construction in 1914 and hope to continually build a relaxing spot for the neighborhood and surrounding visitors to have fun and catch a buzz.

If you’re interested in booking an event, you should have it at The Y@rd.

Contact us for more information about hosting your next event at The Y@rd.